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IM News and Product Watch

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IM News and Product Watch

Posted By Vangie Beal

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Clients & Platforms
According to the official Google Talk blog, a “small percentage” of Google Talk users are now able to access new features, including some of the top requested features by users, such as drag-and-drop file transfers and voicemail. The blog also mentions a new music status feature and the capability to send and receive voicemail messages for free. It is expected that the new features in Google Talk¬† will be rolled out to all Google Talk users on the U.S.-English interface in the coming weeks.

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AOL has upgraded  AIM Triton to version This latest version claims to focus on providing beta testers with an improved performance, full color window support, new sound settings, and faster windows and and sign-in screens.

In the last of our IM client update round-up, we reported that Yahoo! Messenger with Voice was upgraded to version 8.0. Along with the removal of the “beta” tag, Yahoo! Messenger 8 with Voice offers interoperability with Windows Live Messenger, better PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone calling, plus a new API that allows programmers to build plug-ins to the IM client. There are many new plug-ins available for Yahoo! Messenger 8, including photo plug-ins, an iTunes remote, translators, Plusmo phone plug-ins and more. Users can download the Yahoo! Messenger 8 plug-ins from the Yahoo! Gallery Beta Web site.

Jabber, Inc. has released version 5.1 of the Jabber Extensible Communications Platform (Jabber XCP). It has also announced Jabber Messenger for the Web 5.0. Aimed at Federal Government customers, Jabber Messenger for the Web 5.0 is a full-featured IM client that requires no installation beyond a Web browser on the desktop. It is compatible with open standards such as the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), which is an emerging standard in the Federal Government.

Web-based IM
meebo, a provider of Web-based IM has extended its platform to allow integration into any Web site, where previously it was available only through meebo me can be added to any Web site to enable site owners to privately chat with visitors. It also offers real-time presence information for site-owners to see visitors to their page. By registering at users can create an account and meebo me to their Web site.

Six Apart, a company with its roots in blogging software and services, has created an open source Jabber server that enables others to integrate their services with Jabber and LJ Talk. The new server provides integrated IM and voice capabilities, and is freely available to any company or service provider. Additionally, Six Apart announced two major enhancements to its popular LiveJournal social network, enabling members of the LiveJournal community to IM and talk to friends both inside and outside of the LiveJournal service.

Mobile IM
MOZAT Pte Ltd has announced MORANGE Beta version 2.5 (for mobile devices, MORANGE is designed to allow users to send and receive push e-mail, as well as receive RSS news, and be able to communicate through instant messaging with other users of the MORANGE system and MSN, AOL, QQ, and other IM services. Additionally MORANGE allows users to store files on its virtual disk space, view surveillance camera video feed and synchronize their PIM information from any mobile device.


Mylo offers integrated support for Google Talk, Skype instant messaging and Yahoo! Messenger.

In the U.S. Sony has launched a combination Skype WiFi phone and IM device. The device, called mylo (short for “my life on line”) is targeted mainly to consumers who use instant messaging as a primary form of communication. Mylo offers users integrated support for Google Talk, Skype instant messaging and Yahoo! Messenger, and also features a pull-out QWERTY keyboard. The device supports Skype voice calling along with an HTML browser, and 1 GB of storage for music, video, text and photos. The Sony mylo will be available on the Sony Web store in September.

IM Security & Research
Aladdin Knowledge Systems has announced its Aladdin eSafe gateway-based content security solution with enhanced AppliFilter features. AppliFilter allows organizations to continue using instant messaging applications but block file sharing from within those applications. AppliFilter assesses ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger and Yahoo Messenger traffic at the gateway to instantly halt the transfer of files that may contain malicious code, pirated content or confidential data. It can also effectively block Skype.

AXS-One Inc. and FaceTime Communications have entered a new partnership to offer companies a scalable solution for security, compliance and archiving for real-time communications such as instant messaging. Under the terms of the agreement, AXS-One will distribute FaceTime Enterprise Edition and Greynet Enterprise Manager (GEM), to provide an end-to-end security and compliance solution for greynets including IM, P2P and web conferencing applications.

The Akonix Systems Security Center has tracked a total of 16 attacks against IM networks in July, bringing the total number of attacks during 2006 to 127. New worms identified in July include Dozic, Semsy and Aimbot. The most common attack was Oscarbot/Opanki, which had three variants, followed by Chode, with two variants.

Postini, who also issues a monthly Message Security & Management update has confirmed a 160 percent increase over June in instant messaging attacks against corporate networks. One new IM threat in July was Prokeylogger, which logs the keystrokes typed by the user, captures passwords and screenshots, and sends them to identity thieves.

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Written by Vangie Beal

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