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Posted By Vangie Beal

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In this era of constant innovations, service providers have to stay diligent and provide better features to their users as and when required. It is for this reason that most proactive companies are coming forward with some of the latest updates every day. If you are a gadget lover and are keen to know what the latest in the tech world is, then you will find this article quite resourceful.

Updated Google talk features

Yes, your voices have been heard! Google talk users had requested some features, and now, they would soon be able to access those. These include a new music feature and an update to send and receive free voicemails by the users in the U.S.

Good news for entrepreneurs

If you are looking for new ways to digitally market your product, then the latest extension of can be your best pal. Now, it will be possible to integrate Meebo to any website and view the traffic on your page. You can even talk to the visitors and market your products better.

Another web based IM service enhancement has been launched by Six Apart, which allows integrated IM and voice capabilities to new users. Also, members of the LiveJournal community have been allowed to message both the members inside and outside of the community.

Mobile user-friendly changes

MORANGE beta version 2.5 has been launched which will enable the users to receive push-mails as well as RSS news on their mobile. The highly-demanded feature of storage for files on virtual disk space has been launched with this version.
If you use instant messaging for the majority of your communications in the U.S., then go grab the “Mylo” device, launched by Sony. It gives users a beautiful Skype instant messaging feature along with other IM messengers like Google talk, Yahoo Messenger, etc. Wait until September and then buy it from the Sony web store.

IM security

Companies always strive to launch convenient features for the users, but some hackers and spammers use them for the wrong reasons. To protect confidential data, some sites require advanced security features and Aladdin has come to their aid by launching “Aladdin eSafe gateway-based content security solution”. This filter will allow you to block file sharing for the security purposes on most of the IM messaging portals in your company premises.

Face time users are not to be left behind either, thanks to the new partnership with AXS-One Inc. The latter will provide proper security to Face Time enterprise by regulating their IM, P2P, and web conferencing applications.

Corporate networks are under constant threat from attacks which can lead to extraction of all your valuable information like passwords, bank account details, etc. Therefore, having a security breach tracking software is necessary. Now, Akonix Systems Security Center can track such attacks for you even more efficiently with its latest updates.

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