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Augmented and Virtual Reality Differences

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How to Differentiate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Posted By IMP Staff

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Technology is always changing. Some new technologies are even celebrated and become part of our daily life. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are new technologies that probably would be part of our daily lives shortly.

Some people think that augmented reality and virtual reality are the same. Some people are confused and exchange these two technologies. Though augmented reality and virtual reality bring fiction experiences to you, however, these two technologies are different. Differentiating them is easy.

Differences between augmented reality and virtual reality:


Augmented reality is delivered through the gadgets that we already use in our daily life, such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. With the application that uses augmented reality, the user experiences other reality that is represented by the app.

Whereas virtual reality uses the extra device to experience it. Some of the gadgets for virtual reality has also stuck, but most of the gadgets are like eyeglasses. Though the virtual reality is not widely used yet, there are quite many companies produce it. Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vibe, Sulon Q, Zeiss VR One, or Google Cardboard are some examples of devices for virtual reality.


Augmented reality shows you some object, cartoon, caricature, or text. In contrast, virtual reality gives you merely pictures. The pictures that served by virtual reality are vivid images that look like a real reality that we experience in the real world.


Pokemon Go is one of the examples of augmented reality. Snapchat is one of the examples of an app that provide you an experience of augmented reality.

With augmented reality, you still stay in the same place, and the same time just exactly you currently do. With the technology from augmented reality, there will be another creature with you, or there would be a cartoon appearance of you, or you can even fly that moment. However, these appearances are just on your gadget. In another word, augmented reality brings you some part of you to another experience, while in the present you are still there.

Virtual reality brings you totally to a different place and time. It can even bring you to a different galaxy or to a place that does not exist. With virtual reality, you are currently in a different location and time, based on what the device gives you. You could travel New York, yet your body is actually in Tokyo. You could walk out of space, whereas you are in reality at that moment in Finland. With virtual reality, its artificial environment will make you not where you are.

Augmented reality is recently dominated games and entertainment market. So far, virtual reality comes slowly to gain market share. However, it is predicted that virtual reality is more useful in the future due to its characteristic that can presented whole experience for its user. In the future, virtual reality will be helpful for education, research, training, simulation, science, medicine, etc. Hence,
the use of augmented and virtual reality so far is different. Nevertheless, due to the rapidly changing world of technology, the purpose of these techniques could change.

No one knows how soon these technologies become part of daily life. But whenever it is, these technologies could change the way we experience our reality.

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