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These High-tech Gadgets are Revolutionizing the Musical Experience

Posted By IMP Staff

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The world is totally in a new era and needless to say, technology has been super sophisticated and this has had a great bearing in the music realm. Music experience has radically changed becoming an even better encounter. I bet this is the best thing about living in the age of constant innovations as this translates to an endless array of superb high-tech music gadgets that would drive you nuts whether you are a musician or music fan. It goes a long way from helping musicians create stadium quality sounds to giving a totally new experience in the way fans listen to their best-loved music wherever they are. Re-discover the potential of music and get your life in gear with this six high-tech gadgets and get a better vibe for each music gift idea. Yeah, it’s time to get this new revolution as music enthusiasts’.

High-tech Gadgets to Enhance Music Listening:

The PRYMA Headphones

In the current market where hundreds of headphones are available, it’s quite burdensome to settle on particular headphones set that really stands out. However, PRYMA debuted new headphones which stipulate and give an outstanding portray of what is meant by fashionable headphones. They are made of genuine leather, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper and come in five varied colors: Heavy Gold, Rose Gold, Grey, Pure Black and Coffee and Cream. PRYMA headphones deliver resilient high-end audio quality plus the ear cups are easily detachable. Make a style fashion statement with the PRYMA headphones for just $500.

Archer Vinyl Record Player

Old school records get a better definition with the Archer Vinyl Record Player bringing a classic turntable in the modern times. Using it as a set of speakers, carry with you this record player to your next shindig which comes with a complete auxiliary input just in case you wanted to play music from your smartphone. Make it a consideration joining the Spinbox, Vinyl Me Please and Vinyl Moon subscription services to start making your record collection.

AfterShokz Bluez 2s Headphones

The world’s first cheekbone headphones are premiering with this unique pair of Bluez 2s stylish headphones. Relying on bone conduction technology, save your eardrums the mayhem of non-stop listening to in-ear headphones as this pair doesn’t go inside your ears or cover them up. They simply give a feeling of listening to music from a nearby speaker amazingly loud and clear. The incorporated sound-funneling technology limits sound escape. These wireless Bluez headphones would only cost you 100$.

Hercules DJControl Compact

A good DJ is defined by a solid DJ controller. This two-deck controller mirrors a real spinning and scratching experience with dual jog wheels. It connects to a PC or Mac through a USB port, each deck with four pads for sampling, cueing, effects and loops.

UE Boom 2 Speakers

The UE Boom 2 is a reliable Bluetooth speaker with up to 15 hours of playtime delivering a 360-degree sound. The speaker is equipped to receive iOS and Android updates via UE apps and three smartphones can be hooked to play music in turns via the new Block Party Feature.

Jamstick + Smart Guitar

Introducing the Jamstick+Smart Guitar with infrared sensors that pair to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth. Once paired the Jamstick can be used to play the guitar with apps like Jam Tutor or the official Jamstick+ app which for example could let you change the guitar sound from acoustic to banjo then to electric. Have fun with this smart guitar for only 300$.

Revolutionize your music experience with this smart high-tech gadgets and make an informed purchasing decision.

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